Absolut Vodka, at its heart, is one of the most quintessential Swedish brands. Their goal was to bring the epitome of Swedish celebrations to the world; Midsommar. In order to do this, Absolut created a festival concept that could be adopted markets around the world. We spent 3 days at the flagship festival in Sweden gathering footage and editing on-site to create a mass of content that could be used by other markets for their own Midsommar music festivals. One of more than 10 films that were created over 3 days can be seen above; The hero trailer template. The goal for this trailer was to create something that could tease interest in the festival in any market in the world without giving too much away, while being easily adaptable into any language.




Production:Radon Creative


Producer:Renee Wikander

Editor:Gabrielle Riggir

Midsommar Weekender
Gabrielle Riggir