ABBY.WORLD was commissioned to create a full visual world for Sweden’s first fiction podcast series, Det Fria. Throughout the scope of the campaign, we created a large quantity of video, still and graphic assets to help promote the new podcast throughout Sweden. The podcast soundtrack was created in collaboration with Moonica Mac, and after all of the campaign material was created, I was assigned with the task of re-adapting the material to create a full length film from the material to act as an unofficial music video for the song - this is the result. Big thanks to Lukas Andersson who edited the campaign material and worked with me on this project. Shot on 16mm.


Director:Adam Falk

Artist:Monica Mac


Creative:Adrian Mörner Hansen

Producer:Amanda Nordlöw

Editor:Gabrielle Riggir, Lukas Andersson

Spotify DeFria
Gabrielle Riggir