To advertise the release of the new model XC60 rechargeable Volvo, POM pictures and Filip Nilsson dreamt up this roller coaster of a ride that takes you through all the new and exciting features of the vehicle. Working with Swiss International, I had the pleasure of taking the role as the post producer on this project, facilitating the creation of mind bending transitions from scene to scene as well as an entire city made up of smart computer components. While creating this film, the team built and implemented an entire 3D vehicle that was fully or partially featured in more than half of the shots, as well as a separate high detail 3D model of the wheel base and tire. 



Production:POM Pictures

Director:Filip Nilsson


Producer:Alexander Blidner, Erick Lundqvist

VFX Producer:Gabrielle Riggir

VFX Provider:Swiss International

Gabrielle Riggir